Winter Mini Portable Snowboards Ski Skates


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Skiskating is essentially a combination of skiing and skating. This truly unique sport shouldn’t be confused with snowblading or skiboarding, as it genuinely feels like ice skating, just on the snow.

The length of the ski base is below 50 cm (20 in) so it feels very natural to those who play ice hockey, ice skate, or even use inline skates.

Skiskates enable you to skate on snow and perform all kinds of twists, jumps, and tricks and let you access areas like narrow hiking trails you wouldn’t be able to access whilst wearing skis. And best of all, they fit into your backpack so you can take them almost anywhere.


Practical. A combination of skis and skates brings the pressure of skating to the slopes.

Adjustable Attach it directly to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. Adjustable joints allow you to attach snow feet to any shoe. One size fits all. We recommend snow feet for shoe size: 5-13 EE. US / 37-47 EU. .

Portable They are extremely light and small, so they fit in any bag and are easy to transport. You do not need ski boots or any other heavy and expensive equipment.

Durable and lightweight They are made of very durable and lightweight fiberglass reinforced material. The metal ski edges allow an easy stop. The heel brake allows you to go slower.

Wide applications Use them to go down and down the slopes, in snow parks, through forest roads and even to ski over the countryside. Simply attach it to any winter footwear or snowboard boots with ties. New winter sport boom


Type: Mini Ski Shoes

Color: Black

Quantity: 2 pcs/1 pair

Material: fiberglass

Size: 39*13cm/15.33*5.11”

Net weight: 1380g/48.68oz

Packages: 2* Mini Ski Shoes