Pocket Staff™ – Portable Bo Staff


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pocket bo staff

(Credit: The Modern Ninja)

Our Pocket Staff will help ensure your safety and can be used as self-defense! It is collapsible and extends from 2″(5cm) to 5′ (120cm) quickly in seconds. Conceal and hide it in your pocket and pop out this bo-staff to scare your enemy away without fighting.

Use it to impress your friends, scare your enemies and show off your martial arts skills.


  • Stainless Steel Build – Our Pocket Staff is built using stainless steel and can be used for martial arts or as a magic bo staff
  • Lightweight and Collapsible – Our Pocket Bo Staff is concealable at its 2″(5cm). Put it in your pocket and carry around easily
  • Quick Release System – Simply press the bottom button below to unlock and release the collapsible staff. Do not point directly at someone’s face as it may cause unintended harm
  • Aerodynamic Shape – Spin this bo staff to show off your Shaolin martial arts bo staff skills

To put back the PocketStaff into its original form, twist and push it down and then lock the top pin.

This is a performance bo staff. Do not use this to harm others.

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