Nordic Viking Axe Leather Bracelet Bangle



Tap into your inner warrior with this epic ax bracelet. Inspired by the mighty axes of the Viking Age, wearing this bracelet will instill in you a primal sense of strength, fearlessness, and valor.

Why the Nordic Viking Axe Leather Bracelet Bangle?

  • Unique – stand out from the crowd with a unique bracelet you won’t find in any physical store
  • Different – why settle for any boring old bracelet? Embrace your individuality by rocking a one of a kind bracelet to match your personality
  • Eye Catching – what better conversation starter than “is that a f*cking ax on your wrist?”

Get yours today and stand out from the masses – this bracelet is selling like wildfire, so grab yours before our limited stock runs out.

Why is it worth having?

  • Premium stainless steel piece – strong, durable, and weighty
  • Finely crafted with attention to detail – beautiful and intricate knotted pattern
  • Your choice of durable leather thread or 100% cotton cord – easy hook mechanism means your bracelet will never fall off your wrist.