Hematite and Tiger’s Eye Bracelet 2PCS Set


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It’s no exaggeration to say this bracelet set has a timeless beauty; just look at its mysterious, powerful dark tone and the feeling it emanates.

The black beads feature Hematite – a “warrior stone” to the Romans since it could protect them in battles. The gems are excellent in protecting you from evil eyes and negativity absorption from others. In an unbeatable combination between Hematite and copper, the jewelry eliminates anxieties and endows you with courage, strength, endurance, and vitality.

The second bracelet comes with Tiger’s Eye – a renown stone for its ability to clarify your thoughts, sharpen your senses and sparks creativity.

Perfect for those in a difficult stage of life, or anyone who wish to take on and overcome challenges gracefully.

  • Materials: Copper, Hematite, Tiger Eye
  • Length: 18 – 21 cm (7.1 – 8.3 inches)
  • 2 pieces per set


Joachim K.

Great support and despite delivering all over the world, it was fast delivering. I got it after a few weeks. Loved it!


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