Car Plastic & Trim Restorer

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 Bring your vehicle back to life as in the showroom!

Age left traces on everything, so does your beloved car! Our Car Plastic & Trim Restorer is the solution you’re looking for to revitalize the shiny, fresh and new look of plastic and trim pieces in faded color. 

With a premium renovating formula that repels rain, dust and dirt, it removes stubborn stain, retains radiance of faded plastic and prevents surface aging. The powerful restorer is also streak-free, leaving no unsightly residue on your beloved vehicle after application.

Composed of natural essences including aloe, olive oil and lanolin, it builds an ultimate anti-UV protective coating that prevents discolouration, fading and crashes for up to 3 years.


  • Ultimate Plastic & Trim Refurbishing:
    Penetrates into ageing and faded plastic and trim pieces. Effective in removing stubborn stain and restoring original colour and brightness. 
  • Anti-UV Ray Coating:
    Protects against fading, discolouration and cracking by preventing plastics from oxidizing and fading under sun exposure and rain 
  • Streak-Free Formula: 
    Unlike other trim products, this won't leave your vehicle with any streaky residue after a rain shower or car wash
  • Long-Term Protection:
    Leaves non-greasy protective finishes that lasts for up to 3 years.
  • 100% Chemical-Free & Safe:
    Made from natural ingredients e.g. aloe, olive oil, lanolin. Harmless and odor-free. Safe to all kinds of surfaces.

  • Easy Application:
    Just 2 steps - Spray & Wipe to get the faded plastic parts restored 

  • Versatile Use:
    Perfect for all interior and exterior car parts and materials including leather, fabric, glass, etc.; for all vehicle types such as cars, vans, motorcycles, bicycles and more

  • Practical & Money Saving:
    Save you from expensive visit to auto shops to have your plastic pieces repaired, refurnish or replaced


  1. Spray Car Plastic & Trim Restorer onto a sponge or a cleaning towel.
  2. Wipe on the surface until achieving desired color. 


  • Ingredients: Natural & Eco-friendly Essences
  • Capacity: 30ML or 100ML


  • 1 pc x Car Plastic & Trim Restorer

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